In times like these, permeated with large inequalities, we, as a society, are shaken by a wake-up call and expected to respond through our humane and institutional dimensions.

In the humane dimension, we will not overcome challenges without changing reach and scope of the word “solidarity”. Preserving and respecting life and dignity of others should be more than just a relevant aspect of our aspirations as a society. It must be a strong and priority demand from all of us. There is no taking care of yourself without taking care of others. It is a definite and inexhaustible lesson. Our reaction as individuals must be vigorous and fraternal.

The role of our institutions is no less important. They must guide and support, understand urgencies and dreams, and reflect them in their respective roles, given by the Brazilian Constitution.

It is time to plan how we will get back on out feet. Going back to what we were is not enough, because the pandemic has unveiled how unfair we have been as a society and how our institutions often mirror this.

Instituto Justiça (“Instituto”) arises during times of reflection. We were born as a non-governmental and non-partisan organization that aims to contribute through the dialogue about democratic institutions and effective actions to build a more just society.

Among democratic institutions, one has the privilege of sharing a synonymy relationship with Justice: the Judiciary. Far from casual, such synonymy must be honored and pursued. The Judiciary gives the final word in Law and rights preservation. Its function is essential and represents the last instance of citizenship. When inefficient, hesitant, or late, Justice becomes unfair and turns synonymy into contradiction.

Instituto Justiça will fulfill its role of dialoguing with the entire ecosystem linked to jurisdictional provision, including the Judiciary, Executive, Legislative, Public Ministry, and entities representing the legal community. Through such dialogues, we want to contribute to delivering to society the essential benefits of legal certainty and speed of jurisdictional provision.

Justice assesses all key questions: health, environment, security of legal relations – a crucial attribute of economic development – and all fundamental rights, making Instituto's mandate, defined by its founders, broad and challenging. We act in a transversal way, in the pursuit of a more efficient, sensitive, and fair Judiciary, to improve all the above-mentioned areas and, therefore, everyone's life.

Additionally, Instituto Justiça endorses several projects. Since its inception, Instituto supported initiatives such as Fazendo História, Zap do Bem, CENCTICE / Porto Digital, and Com Paixão Kids.

Just and humane initiatives.

The first ones of many more to come for this young institute that wants to walk on a renovated path alongside with everyone, overcoming this challenging moment and whatever comes after. May it bring the best from and for all of us.